Upcoming Event

On 18th Decemeber 2021, TEDxChowringhee will host TED WOMEN 2021 with the theme What NOW.

2019 Event

About the event:

The event was held on 17th November 2019 at Kolkata Centre for creativity. 100 enthusiast attendees attended the event from 10 am to 6 pm. The 11 speakers were from diverse backgrounds. Their talks inspired all, moved many, and help find answers to their IF IN LIFE. The event was also high on entertainment quotient with two contrasting performances – One a traditional flute player that mesmerized attendees with his soulful performance. The other enthralled audience with BEAT BOXING. The event was followed by an evening to celebrate success at TAJ VIVANTA, the hospitality partners. Our media partners – The Telegraph, very well covered the event. The hard work, effort, commitment, and sweat of the entire TEAM of TEDxChowringhee was imprinted on the entire event. The support from our partners from various walks of life was also tremendous. Overall it was a great debut for TEDxChowringhee.

TEDxChowringhee 2019 Theme:
The IF in Life. The IF in Life shapes our future. All of us have faced The IF in Life at some time or the other. Whether we reacted or acted to The IF in Life defines our tomorrow. The IF in Life will bring you happiness or steal your joy – is up to you. Look after The IF in Life and see how beautiful life is. Are you looking for answers to your If in Life?
TEDxChowringhee 2019 Capsule Video