Our Speakers – Possibility to Reality

Dr. Fuad Halim – A Passionate Medical practitioner, social worker, social scientist, and science communicator.

Dr. Fuad Halim’s name would be listed right at the top in the list of Kolkatans who give up their comforts so that others can live a healthy and respectable life.

During these Pandemic times, he has conducted more than 3500 dialysis procedures for only Rs.50/ per procedure. He never bothered about his own health while serving people in these challenging times resulting in infected by COVID-19 and battled for his life in the ICU of the hospital.

In the year 2003, he left a high profile medical corporate job in one of the top private medical hospitals in Kolkata to devote his time and energy to fulfill his dream and mission to provide “better health for all” that includes the marginalized and low-income groups of Kolkata.

As a dedicated social worker, he formed an NGO by the name of Kolkata Swastha Sankalp which provides subsidized dialysis treatment to the marginalized. In 2009 Swastha Sankalp won the NASSCOM award for social innovation.

He is a man of few words and always lets his work speak for itself.

Devendra Kumar Gupta – Founder & CEO- Ladli Foundation Trust

Devendra Kumar Gupta is a grass-root level social worker & rehabilitator to a multitude of unprivileged slum girls.

His 20 Years of selfless social contribution & Innovative Initiatives have changed the lives of lakhs of underprivileged adolescents & women in slums by providing them education, health, well-being. It also saved them from life-threatening Chronic Diseases, Social Victimization, and Clutches of Organized Sex Rackets.

At the age of 13, he has devoted his life & started his Social Journey for the welfare of unprivileged & started working as a volunteer for Indian Red Cross society and went on to become the youngest commissioned officer in St. John Ambulance Brigade Delhi, a wing of Indian Red Cross Society in the year, 2001.

He is conferred with National Award by Government of India and his organization Ladli Foundation Trust granted Special Consultative Status by the United Nation.

He did not get a chance to call a place his home for a very long time, but today he’s the reason behind the happiness of a large number of families by providing them homes, respect and dignity.  

Prashant Gade: The BIONIC ARM MAN, Founder & CEO, Inali Assistive Tech.

An incident changed Prashant’s direction in life. He is a god sent messiah for those who have lost their arms. Prashant founded Inali intending to provide affordable but advanced prosthetic arms to people living in developing countries with certain upper limb amputations. Unlike most prosthetics that are connected to muscle movements, Inali Arms operates by detecting brain signals. It mimics technology similar to its imported counterparts, but with cost-effective alternatives. He created India’s most affordable bionic arm for the differently-abled. Through the foundation, Prashant has given more than 1500 hands in India. These are not mere hands but a hand of hope and a bundle of smiles to live for.

Deependra Sengar: Special Forces Officer, Indian Army – Soldier of Fortune.

Mr. Sengar’s story is of incredible courage and sounds very much like an amazing Hollywood film. He was shot while fighting militants, evacuated, fought for life, doctors were not hopeful but he survived. He pushes his way back to active services through his will, passion, and discipline, rejoin duties, and gets posted to Kargil. This Soldier of Fortune was shot again, this time being much more serious ….. what happens next …….. he did something completely out of the box… A story you cannot miss.

Announcement: Sarika Jain, CA & IRS – Her Mantra in life is – Polio is in my legs and not in my Mind.

She did not give up despite her multiple challenges in life – Born in a Marwari family, Polio at the age of 2, coming from a small town in Odisha, and many more. She faced them all and achieved what many of us only dream of. A very inspiring tale of Creating possibilities and then making them a Reality.

Speaker Announcement: Siddharth Rajsekar, Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Coach

Siddharth is someone who has always rediscovered himself whenever life pushed him to the wall. I’m a college drop-out and a “musician turned digital geek” He is a digital growth hacker on a mission. My mission is to build an army of Digital Leaders, built on core principles of humanity & simplicity – by improving one’s social skills, happiness, productivity, and awesomeness.

Speaker Announcement: Nishant Bhalotia, Holistic Fitness Coach & Author –

Nishant Bhalotia, a Gold Medalist in MBA(PGCBM) from XLRI and an industrialist, is passionate about Inspiring and promoting Healthy Living for the community. He firmly believes in the concept of Walk the Talk. He pursued his own Health & Fitness Journey before he started promoting its benefits. He is Certified from Govt of India & NASM, USA. His articles are featured regularly in the various sections of media.

Speaker Announcement: Naveen Toshniwal, Grapho Therapy Specialist –

Naveen Toshniwal analyzes handwriting and guides people to change a few strokes to strike a change in their lives for the better. An alumnus of St. Xaviers College, Kolkata, and an Engineer from Jadavpur University, he is also an entrepreneur who runs his traditional family business. His passion during college days has turned into a profession and is helping many in finding the right strokes.

Speaker Announcement: Nilav Bose, Documentary & Street Photographer –

Nilav loves documenting life and narrating stories through his lenses. He is a great example of age is only a number. All of 18 years his work has been featured and published in National Geographic, Sony BBC Earth, Today’s Traveller India Magazine, Discover India Magazine, and The Telegraph. Nilav is the founder and curator of OTHELLO, India’s 1st Black and White Photography Magazine. He is the youngest Indian to be the founder of a photography magazine.