Our Speakers – COUNTDOWN

Ms. Kalpana Ramesh, is a water conservation champion, and is building a sustainable tanker free home and leading initiatives like save 10k bores, ‘live the lakes’ and blue Hyderabad.

The idea is to create awareness about the importance of lakes, increase civic and moral responsibility to protect water and its resources and return them to its former glory. She was the fourth woman out of the seven women achievers who took over PM Modi’s social media accounts on women’s day. She gave a power message on water conservation urging people to become water warriors. She believes that only if each one of us comes collectively that we can create a water secure future for our children. She advocates water conservation in residential apartments and office blocks through rainwater harvesting. In 2020 her passion towards water and sustainability made an effort to start a social enterprise named the Rainwater Project that provides integrated water solutions. She strongly believes that “when you involve the community, problems are solved”.

Mr. Suresh Prabhu was a member of Parliament 4 times and a member of Rajya Sabha 2 times in his political career.

He was a minister holding very prestigious portfolios like industry, environment & forests, fertilizers & chemicals, power, railways, commerce & industry and civil aviation. He is currently the official emissary (India’s Sherpa) of the Prime Minister of India in the G7 & G20 forums. A man of action, having penchant for undertaking reforms, scripting turnarounds and achieving superlative results by working in mission mode. An advocate for decisive growth driven change, he is well respected for his impeccable integrity, passion and commitment towards society at large.  

Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki has been referred to as “Solar man of India” by Times of India, The Hindu and India Today.

Some people also call him “Solar Gandhi”. known for his remarkable work in the field of solar, he is an educator, innovator, researcher, entrepreneur, and author. Following Gandhian ideals, Prof. Solanki has envisaged the idea of Energy Swaraj wherein locals generate and consume their own energy. Energy Swaraj is now a key instrument towards sustainability and climate change mitigation. Prof. Solanki is committed to providing clean light and clean energy to all. He received his Ph.D. from IMEC (Ketholik University) Leuven, Belgium, a leading R&D and innovation hub in micro and nano-electronics. he had led major solar projects at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Prof. Solanki has authored 7 books, published over 100 research papers in international journals, and has 4 USA patents to his credit. His contribution to the solar industry has been immense.